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October 22, 2017
October 23, 2017


The Zenith was introduced into the game as a part of a 3 weapon set for the login rewards. The Azima, the Zenistar and then finally the Zenith. Picked up by hitting 500 days logged into the game, the Zenith is a weapon that you have to invest a lot of time into before you are able to get your hands on it. When modded right, it can be pretty decent, a solid assault rifle that can deal with most of the content we have available ingame right now.


Build Requirements:

500 Day Login Reward


Primary Fire:

Critical Chance: 10.0%
Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
Status: 30%
Slash: 19.5
Puncture: 6.0
Impact: 4.5

Fire Rate: 10.83
Magazine: 90
Max Ammo: 540
Noise: Alarming
Reload: 1.6s
Trigger: Auto

Secondary Fire:

Critical Chance: 35%
Critical Multiplier: 2.5x
Status: 8%
Slash: 15.0
Puncture: 120.0
Impact: 15.0

Fire Rate: 1.0
Magazine: 90
Max Ammo: 540
Noise: Alarming
Reload: 1.6s
Trigger: Semi-Auto
Ammo Per Shot: 5

Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 3/5 (1.00)

Special Feature:

After firing out the disk using the secondary fire button and putting the weapon into semi-auto for the next 30 seconds, the weapon will mark targets with a dot and the Zenith will also gain unlimited punch through, allowing you to hit marked targets behind any cover, or just straight through walls! See the picture below to show the markers placed while the disk is up.

Build 1: Crit Build 

Since the Zenith comes with a V and a Dash polarity as standard, we needed to add 4 forma on here to fit the two builds without any problems switching between them. I added the extra forma so that we can use Primed Cryo Rounds, so while it looks like we can lose one of them, they are all needed for that little bit of flexability.  The crit build for me was by far the strongest, making use of the crit mods as well as the brand new mod vigilante armaments for that additional multishot, as well as the chance to go from yellow to orange crits, 5% of the time. We’ve got 1 dual stat and 1 90% elemental on here. This is to put our status chance up as high as possible, but not lose too much damage. Vile acceleration on here is to deal with the incredibly slow rate of fire of the single shot mode, however it works ok with the full auto as well, because it absolutely spews out shots like crazy.  This build honestly was the strongest in both auto and in semi-auto, which with only a 25% critical chance in full auto, I wasn’t too convinced about how this would perform and whether a build specifically for that full auto mode would be better, but the crit build because of the fire rate crits way more than it would suggest, and it does deal with those higher level enemies in a very decent amount of time.


Build 2: Status Build

If you don’t want to go with the crit build, if you don’t like the RNG surrounding whether you crit or not, you can decide to go with a build for status. The forma from before also works here, except this time we’ve got primed shred as our speed mod, since the auto fires so fast anyway, more fire rate than that, and it gets a bit silly quite quickly. Vigilante Armaments also makes another appearance here to put our multishot up as well as changing that occasional crit into an orange. Then we have 2 dual stats and 2 90% elementals of your choice. In the image I have straight corrosive so we don’t dilute our corrosive procs with anything else, however you can go with whatever combo that you want. 93% status chance means that you are going to proc pretty often, and you could even lose another dual stat for a 90% if you really want to try to push that damage higher. This isn’t as strong as the crit build, however its a very solid build on its own, and deserves talking about.

Personal Preference Mods:

These are all for the Status build, since the Crit Build doesn’t really have anything in the way of room for personal preference mods sadly.

Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation: Both of these builds, especially at higher level are extremely ammo hungry, so changing an elemental for an ammo mutation is going to keep you in the fight longer, although you are going to lose damage somewhere along the line doing that!

Primed Bane Mod: You can replace Primed Shred with a bane mod if you would like as well. Its going to mean a slower firing weapon, which does help with ammo economy, at the cost of having to switch out the bane every time you fight a different faction since it doesn’t give any benefit to you at all when fighting the wrong one.

Heavy Caliber: I don’t often like putting Heavy Cal on things because I love keeping the accuracy of the weapon and applying damage to headshots, something which the reduced accuracy makes a mess of.

Riven Choices:

Suggested Positives-

  1. Damage
  2. Multishot
  3. Fire rate
  4. Status Chance
  5. Toxin

Suggested Negatives-

  1. Damage To Infested
  2. Flight Speed
  3. Recoil

The Zenith is one of those weapons that takes an extremely long time to get to, and while it is definitely good, its not exactly spectacular. With a good riven, it can be pretty amazing, despite its rather average riven disposition of 3. It will deal with the top end of sorties. It does kill those higher level enemies fairly quickly, especially with that crit build, but you are going to run dry of ammo extremely quick, so prepare to either have mutation, ammo case or ammo pads to support that. Its not a terrible weapon, that’s for sure, its pretty much a stronger Braton Prime, and its fun to use, so it ticks a lot of the right buttons. Built well, it will do pretty much whatever you want it to!

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