October 23, 2017
October 23, 2017


The tenno spear weapon; Tonbo. Among the many status based staff weapons that warframe has to offer, it has never really garnered much popularity ever since its release however it has slowly getting mentioned more often as release of new power mods makes its stat spread more and more relevant. Can easily be considered among the best melee weapons if rivens are take into consideration. Tonbo is a lot more powerful than what it might seem. First impressions can be very deceiving.

Build Requirements(Found in tenno lab for 15,000 credits):

Credits: 20,000
Control Modules
Ferrite: 2,000
Plastids: 800
Oxium: 100


Type: Polearm Stance
Critical Chance: 5.0%
Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
Attack Speed: 1.00
Status: 25%
Slash: 60.0
Puncture: 12.0
Impact: 8.0
Slam attack: 160.9
Slide attack: 178.0
Wall attack: 133.0
Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 5/5 (1.38)

Build Option 1: Reaching Overload

This build primarily focuses on the tonbos main strength around status procs and long range. Combining it with Condition overload bring about huge amounts of damage. Weeping wounds can also replace volcanic if you want a more focus proc around corrosive and slash.

Build Option 2: Condition Maiming

There had to be a build like this just to highlight how effective the blood rush maiming strike condition overload trifecta is. it’s like huge vacuum of meta power that really shows the reason how melee can really push out insane amount of dps.

Build Option 3: Relentless Combo

This last build showcases the strengths and weakness of using relentless combination with a side of healing return. its damage output isn’t incredible but it has the advantage of really being able to stack combo multiplier up fast and being able to keep them going for consistent damage.

There are tons of ways to build melee for what you need as melee mods are the most diverse weapon class in the game. For the most part Condition overload and maiming strike easily handles most of the relevant content in the game as they hold melee to such a high degree of power. This creates more importance on more utility mods as an option for when you don’t need that extra power.

Tonbo is a very powerful weapon and one of its greatest advantages over other melee weapons is the base status chance and its good range. Tonbo’s range is just a bit short of orthos prime’s range. With tons of new mods that supplement status based weapons it now contends with some of the heaviest hitters in the melee category.

However the status based modding¬† does require you to get into a couple hits with procs before condition overload really starts to take effect so one hitting high level enemies isn’t very feasible.

Personal Preference Mods:

Shimmering blight is a bit faster as offhand attacks and more mobility but twirling spire has more frontal range.

Weeping wounds is an option if you want more focused status procs

Drifting contact and body count aren’t entirely necessary if you’re using naramon combo decay passive.

Life strike is great for more burst healing if you’re ok with switching to your melee and using channeling.

Riven Choices:

Best Positives-

  1. Range
  2. Damage
  3. Attack Speed
  4. Status Chance

Best Negatives-

  1. Finisher Damage
  2. Critical Chance
  3. Damage to Infested
  4. Critical on slide (depending on build)

Tonbo’s high riven disposition really comes into play into making it into a huge power house. Definitely one of the more desirable rivens to have.


Article By FrostXeno

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