October 22, 2017
October 23, 2017


Built originally to be tools for the Grineer to use for dealing with scrapping metal and dealing with rather vicious wildlife, the Ripkas were quickly adapted for combat. Requiring not one, but two whole weapons in its construction, its not particularly cheap, but when built correctly, it can be turned into a bit of a close range monster!

Build Requirements:

Credits: 40,000
Full Weapon: Ankyros
Full Weapon: Dual Cleavers
Tellurium: 2
Forma: 1


Critical Chance: 20.0%
Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
Attack Speed: 0.833
Status: 15%
Slash: 46.8
Puncture: 5.5
Impact: 2.8

Slam Attack: 110.0
Slide Attack: 165.0
Wall Attack: 165.0

Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 5/5 (1.38)

Weapon Specific Mod

Hunter’s Bonesaw: Increases the weapons damage by 90% and status chance by 60% when doing a ground finisher on an enemy.

Build 1 – Critical / Condition Overload

We’re really pushing for that crit build on here, working with blood rush for crit chance as our combo counter increases, drifting contact to increase our timer as well as our status chance a bit and organ shatter for crit chance and damage. This really pushes that crit focus of the weapon, however thats not what this weapon is limited to, because you can also make it work with status and condition overload, making for the strongest combination in the game right now. We then add to the build 2 dual stat mods of your choice, could be corrosive, could be viral. Viral works well with the slash procs that this weapon puts out regularly, plus the slash procs ignore armour, so you are halving their health, then bleeding them to death while ignoring that damage reduction, which is a strong combo.

Build 2 – Critical / Condition Overload / Pure Slash

This build is focused around pushing the chance for a slash proc higher with buzz kill and then proccing that slash regularly using weeping wounds. In warframe, you have proc weighting, so the higher percentage you have of something, in this case slash, the more chance you have of it being a slash proc whenever it does proc. So we’re using crit with blood rush, drifting contact and organ shatter like before, condition overload to increase damage when we crit, and then buzz kill to increase slash damage, plus that proc weighting and then weeping wounds, which is going to take our status chance up as the combo counter goes up. Slash procs ignore armour, so once you get the combo counter higher, plus get some procs going, you are going to deal with high level armoured enemies super quickly and easily.

Personal Preference Mods (Crit build only):

If you are running the Naramon focus ability that means that your combo counter decays much like the sniper rifle combo counter, then you could drop drifting contact for something else. Some ideas for this are a 90% elemental mod to further boost damage, another dual stat elemental mod for more elemental damage as well as more reliable status procs, weeping wounds would also work with that combo counter to put your status chance up to 100% super quickly, allowing you to proc on every swing, stacking condition overload super quickly! You could also use the weapon specific mod Hunter’s Bonesaw so that when you knock enemies down, you can do a ridiculous amount of damage to them while they are on the floor, its a really nice addition if you are doing slam attacks a lot. If you wish, you could also switch it out for lifestrike if you are wanting to do some healing, especially if you are running a rage build on your warframe.

Riven Choices:

Suggested Positives-

  1. Damage
  2. Attack Speed
  3. Crit Chance
  4. Crit Damage
  5. Combo Timer
  6. Range
  7. Slash
  8. Toxin

Suggested Negatives-

  1. Slide attack crit chance
  2. Finisher Damage (If not using Hunter’s Bonesaw)


The Ripkas has such a strong disposition to it that, that you are going to get some really high numbers attached to it, which can make it a bit of a mini-powerhouse. If you get a good riven for them, then you can shred just about anything in your way. Even without one though it’s going to very easily deal with the sortie enemies that you are going to come up against with no problems at all. A really decent weapon thats going to do you well no matter what content you throw it into.

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