Revenant (Prodman Build)

April 18, 2019
Stradavar/Stradavar Prime
April 18, 2019

Revenant (Prodman Build)


Mastery Rank :  0
Health : 100 (300 at rank 30)
Shield : 225 (675 at rank 30)
Armor : 105
Energy : 125 (188 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed : 1.0
Polarities : Madurai – V (Damage, Powers)  Vazarin – D (Defensive, Health, Armor)
Exilus Polarity : None
Aura Polarity : Naramon – Dash/Bar (Utility, Misc.)
Introduced : Update 23.5


Prodmans been in the game for quite a while now hiding in the index and spawning only after surviving for an hour in there. Normally this requires a fairly decent group to go for because your weapon damage falls off, and most frames just aren’t survivable enough to take a hit from a level 250 enemy, which is what you are fighting after an hour.

Well, thats not necessary at all when you use a frame thats often forgotten exists because for the most part, he isn’t great, and that is revenant. I can hear you scratching your heads in confusion, revenant? how can he take a hit. Well it all comes down to his second ability, mesmer skin. A damaging hit from an enemy gets completely absorbed and eats a charge of the skin, while stunning the enemy that hit you. With a good build, you can have 12 or so of these charges, and since you only ever fight maybe like 5 enemies at once, you can see just how strong this is going to be, theres never enough enemies around to eat all your charges unless you make a mistake and aren’t paying attention. Its even stronger when you build for duration, because that stun means they are no longer shooting at you consuming charges which allows you to pretty safely kill them off. In addition to that, enemies that drop aoe stuff like the mine ospreys, if they are dead, any mines that remain on the ground won’t trigger any stacks of your mesmer skin as well as AOE attacks, they don’t take any more stacks while the enemy is stunned. So all of this combined makes this one hell of a powerful skill and perfect for this.

Talking of the build, lets start with the aura and the exilus. Personally I run enemy radar in the aura to allow me to know where the enemy are. Exilus I would say is a bit of personal preference, you can either run enemy sense for more radar, which helps to kill efficiently, or go for more power strength for your mesmer skin. The rest of the builds pretty self explanatory though, umbral intensify, energy conversion and augur secrets to get as many charges as you can without sacrificing efficiency and duration, narrow minded and primed continuity for duration of the stun, natural talent to cast things faster and then a streamline and a rank 3 fleeting for efficiency. You can run a rank 4 if you want, but I like the extra 10% duration over the 5% efficiency, and anything more than rank 4 really is just unnecessarily tanking your duration.

Then its just a case of making sure you have your mesmer skin up at all times. You will have scary times where something will randomly take all of your health away, down to 2hp, normally something like the moa orb mines or the lasor from the osprey thats flying around, but if you are running magus elevate on your operator, you can bring it back up again. Its a bit of a weird thing, but you do need to keep an eye out for it.

Obviously its all well and good being able to survive for an hour, which yeah, revenant can do super easily but whats the point unless you have the weapons to deal with the super high level enemies that you come up against. You can use most high damage primary weapons like the tigris prime or rubico prime are going to do well for quite a while, but ultimately they are going to fall off after probably about 30 minutes or so, so naturally we need to go into a specific killing setup to be able to do this.

For our high level killing we are going to rely on a status proccing kitgun and a zaw dagger, which has proved to be probably the most efficient combination, although you can definitely use whatever status secondary and melee you want, they are just likely to be a bit less efficient. The most important thing here is the use of condition overload. Condition overload is going to multiply our damage for each status proc thats on the target, which even at 4 seperate procs, which is really easy to do, you are getting over 6.5 times damage multiplier, so it really pushes your damage super high.

So that meant I ended up building a specific status proccing machine, in my specially constructed kitgun, making use of the rattleguts, ramflare and gibber parts, to give high status and super high fire rate, so we can put as many procs onto the target as we can, especially when we mod it with all 4 dual stats. Gives you 100% status, plus potentially 5 different procs, including blast which the blast and the knockdown actually count as 2 procs, giving us a total potential of 6 different procs on a target, giving us an insane 16.7 times damage multiplier. Barrel diffusion and lethal are on there for the procs from multishot, plus lethal and vile for fire rate to proc things super fast and try to make killing as efficiently as possible.

Then that was combined with a straight damage dagger zaw to do the killing once all the procs are on. Using the balla, the korb and the vargeet 2 ruhang for maximum damage and crit chance. We don’t worry about status on this since our secondary has already done it. The builds pretty much just straight damage too, sacrificial steel combining with blood rush, covert lethality which combines with the naramon ability to open enemies up to finishers when you dash through them, plus that extra damage too, then primed fever strike as our damage because the straight toxin will bypass the shields that the corpus have and hit to health instead, ignoring part of their level scaling. We’re also using an exodia contagion on here too because it has an enforced viral proc when you melee in the air while doing an aim glide, which adds another proc, while also lowering their health by half too. Stinging thorn is yet another damage multiplier too, since every hit basically had a 3 times damage multiplier, as well as having a guarenteed impact and slash proc as part of the combo, which helps reapply procs at higher level when the time to kill goes up. So as you can see, to kill efficiently at higher level its all about stacking as many multipliers as you possibly can.

And thats pretty much all the build stuff. I know thats quite a lot of information in as short a time as I can manage, but the whole solo high risk prodman runs really are about a whole tonne of things working in synergy. That being said though, provided you are paying attention to what you are doing with revenant and keeping an eye on the stacks, you basically can never die. His mesmer skin, which isn’t that great in normal missions because it gets overwhelmed too quickly, is his greatest asset in this kind of run. Every time you are low, run to one of the energy spawn points and recast your skin, refreshing all the charges, and then get back into the fight again.

Don’t be afraid to give some large bursts of your secondary too. With it having corrosive and it firing so fast, at high level you can strip the entire armour off some of the robotic dudes like the bursa super quick, making it so much quicker to go down.

Other than that, its pretty simple really. After you’ve done the setup, its actually not that difficult. The only expensive part of this really is the umbral mods, which if you don’t have them, you can replace them with mods that do something similar. Theres a little room for maneuver with the frame build, plus the weapons that you use to pull off the condition overload combo, however this is pretty much as min maxed as you can get without going for riven builds, but I’ll never show thse because they are almost impossible to replicate.

Not everyone can get a squad together for doing the prodman runs, not everyone enjoys playing with other people and with this setup, you can breeze your way to prodman without any issues whatosever.

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