October 22, 2017


The single version of the Twin Krohkur wielded by the Tusk Predators that came in Plains of Eidolon, the Krohkur is the latest in a long line of single swords. Strong in both crit and status, it can be one of the strongest single swords in the game with the right build.

Build Requirements:

Credits: 20,000
Tellurium: 4
Morphics: 8
Oxium: 125
Alloy Plate: 4,375


Critical Chance: 29.0%
Critical Multiplier: 1.7x
Attack Speed: 0.833
Status: 19%
Slash: 49.0
Puncture: 12.6
Impact: 8.4

Slam Attack: 140.0
Slide Attack: 150.0
Wall Attack: 280.0

Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 4/5 (1.22)


This build is really pushing that critical chance and damage which when combined with the status allows you to focus on a critical condition overload build, easily the strongest melee build in the game right now.  Not only do you hit super hard when you crit, but boosting the damage with condition overload on top of those crits as well, you end up hitting super hard. The Krohkur can take down even the strongest enemies that you are likely to ever come up against with ease, as the footage in the video below will show!

Personal Preference Mods:

If you are running the Naramon focus ability that means that your combo counter decays much like the sniper rifle combo counter, then you can drop drifting contact for something else. Prime options here are a 90% elemental mod to further boost damage, another dual stat elemental mod for more elemental damage as well as more reliable status procs, weeping wounds would also work with that combo counter to put your status chance up to 100% super quickly, allowing you to proc on every swing, really pushing that condition overload up.

Riven Choices:

Suggested Positives-

  • Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Crit Chance
  • Crit Damage
  • Combo Timer

Suggested Negatives-

  • Slide attack crit chance
  • Finisher Damage


With such a strong riven disposition, a riven for the Krohkur really can push the damage output through the roof. If you get a good one for this, it can take it to being the strongest dual sword in the game by quite a long way. It really doesn’t have any downsides whatsoever, even the brand new stance for it, Swooping Falcon is in my opinion, the best out of all of the single sword stances, good momentum, quick attacks despite the low attack speed of the Krohkur.

The Krohkur is probably the best of the single swords in the game right now, build correctly, it absolutely wrecks anything you are going to come up against in the game. Worth building and putting the forma onto!


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