IT-1 T5 Premium Tank Destroyer

June 24, 2018
January 29, 2019

IT-1 T5 Premium Tank Destroyer


The IT-1 was an extension of the T62 programme, utilising the original’s hull and combining it with the ferocious Drakon anti tank guided missile launcher. It wasn’t very popular with the military because of a vulnerability to close attacks as well as an extremely limited amount of ammunition storage. The promgramme only lasted a couple of years and eventually they were converted into armored recovery vehicles.



A 180mm Drakon Anti-Tank Guided Missile launcher is monunted on the roof of the vehicle. A hefty 725 average damage per missile (with a roughly 10 second reload time) gives it one of the highest damage per minutes out of all of the tier 4 vehicles. Factor in the 500mm of penetration and it’s more than enough to deal with most vehicles at its tier, apart from some of the more heavily armored things like the Magach. The missile travels decently fast too, meaning you are able to track targets fairly easily. This makes it a very usable vehicle, not awkward in the slightest, like some ATGM vehicles can be.


Mobility wise its not too bad either, 6 seconds to 32kph and a top speed of 50, it can get into positions pretty quickly and also relocate if its position is in danger of being overrun. Its camo however doesn’t lend itself to the stealthy missile thrower hiding at the back, its fairly easily spotted, in fact it has less camo than the leopard 1a5, so its kind of designed to be sat just behind the front line, lobbing missiles at the enemy from closeish range.


This thing is really good! The armour can be enough when used properly to be able to bounce a few shots, and means that especially in pve, you can play this extremely aggressively, as you’ve probably seen me doing in the footage in the background. Its a really satisfying vehicle to play, smashing a missile into something for 900ish damage on a light skinned vehicle. Its a tonne of fun to play.

More than that though, its genuinely good. I like it a lot. One thing that I love in games is theatre, and te IT-1 has it in spades. It feels really nice to drive, but it also feels good to shoot. Once you fire, the reload of this thing is absolutely incredible. The mechanism goes back inside the turret and then pops out again when its ready to fire again. Its so cool and I’ve not stopped thinking it was cool every single time I reload. I love it so much.

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