October 23, 2017
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October 23, 2017


Introduced into the game in update 23, the Plains of Eidolon, the Fusilai are the personal secondary weapons belonging to the brand new warframe Gara. Little more than honed shards of glass, they are thrown at the enemy, totally shredding them.


Build Requirements:

Credits: 20,000
Rubedo: 2,950
Salvage: 10,000
Polymer Bundle: 1,350
Nitain Extract: 2

Stats (Normal Fire):

Critical Chance: 23.0%
Critical Multiplier: 1.7x
Status: 29%
Slash: 46.2
Puncture: 30.8

Fire Rate: 2.83
Magazine: 6
Max Ammo: 210
Noise: Silent
Reload: 0.8s
Trigger: Full-Auto

Stats (Alternate Fire):

Critical Chance: 3.0%
Critical Multiplier: 1.5x
Status: 37%
Slash: 138.6
Puncture: 92.4

Fire Rate: 1.5
Magazine: 6
Max Ammo: 210
Noise: Silent
Reload: 0.8s
Trigger: Semi-Auto

Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 4/5 (1.20)

Alternate Fire Mode:

Using your secondary fire button, you will throw 3 of the 6 Fusilai in a fan pattern. While it appears that the damage trebles in the stats, its only because 3 knives are thrown. The crit chance goes way down, as does the status chance. While it appears that it goes up according to the stats, that’s the chance of at least 1 of the 3 knives proccing status. The fan itself is quite wide, so while it can be good against a tight crowd, its likely to miss enemies that are spread out even slightly. See the pic below for the shape of the pattern that it throws!


This build is really focused around that primary fire mode, rather than the alt fire, by far the strongest way of using the Fusilai, especially when you take into account the strength of the secondary primed mods. Adding 4 forma to the weapon, leaving us with 4vs and a dash it allows us to put a full build on here. Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker are going to take both our crit chance and our damage up. Then I went with 2 dual stats to bring our status chance up to a pretty amazing 94.2% so we are going to be proccing regularly, and then Primed Heated Charge for that crazy amount of extra damage that it can bring.

Personal Preference Mods:

Anemic Agility: The fire rate on the Fusilai really is rather low, while the build focuses on putting a lot of damage out per knife, you can change that out for fire rate instead to just throw more knives more quickly and rely on your damage coming from that instead. Its going to severely impact your ammo consumption, but its an option.

Sharpened Bullets: Replacing Primed Heated Charge with Sharpened Bullets is not a bad option either. It does work out a little stronger at lower levels where your ability to kill is that much higher, however I personally went with the elemental because it was more consistant and didn’t require that kill to proc the extra crit damage, but its an option if you don’t have it.

Augur Pact: A brand new mod coming from the Plains of Eidolon, this adds 90% more damage to your weapon and on its own is a solid option if you are lacking some other mods. That passive of restoring 40% of energy used to your frame as shields is not a terrible thing to have just passively going either, all around not a terrible option here.

Riven Choices:

Suggested Positives-

  1. Damage
  2. Multishot
  3. Fire rate
  4. Status Chance
  5. Slash
  6. Toxin

Suggested Negatives-

  1. Impact
  2. Damage To Infested
  3. Flight Speed
  4. Recoil

The Fusilai have a really nice disposition on them, so a really good riven can turn them from being an already extremely capable weapon, into one thats able to cope extremely well with even the toughest sortie level enemies. They are probably the strongest of the throwing melee weapons, accurate, hard hitting and have a good status chance to help support that damage with some nice procs, built correctly, they are going to really do you well, no matter what you need them for!

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