Equinox/Equinox Prime

January 30, 2019
Dual Keres
April 18, 2019

Equinox/Equinox Prime


Mastery Rank : 0
Health : 100 (300 at rank 30)
Shield:  100 (300 at rank 30)
Armor : 100
Energy : 150 (225 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed : 1.15
Polarities : Madurai – V (Damage, Powers) Vazarin – D (Defensive, Health, Armor)
Exilus Polarity:  None
Aura Polarity:  Naramon – Dash/Bar (Utility, Misc.)
Introduced : Update 17.0


Mastery Rank : 5
Health : 125 (375 at rank 30)
Shield : 100 (300 at rank 30)
Armor : 120
Energy : 165 (248 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed : 1.15
Polarities : Madurai – V (Damage, Powers) x2 Vazarin – D (Defensive, Health, Armor) x2
Exilus Polarity : None
Aura Polarity : Naramon – Dash/Bar (Utility, Misc.)
Introduced : Hotfix 24.5.8

First build is my every day build. Its actually my solo syndicate mission runner, but its pretty much a jack of all trades kind of build. We’re focusing on strength, range and efficiency here with our modding, with a decent amount of tank. Umbral vitality, grace and guardian actually makes her tankier than you would expect really. The max fleeting on here is because with max efficiency, but only 40% duration, that gives you the lowest possible drain on your mend or maim, so while the last couple ranks aren’t needed, we’re using them to drop our duration down to the optimal amount. The idea behind this build is to make it work in either night or day form. In night form, you can keep your 3 up to build up the slow from peaceful provocation, plus get that damage reduction and the drain is so low that you can also keep your mend up most of the time, which gives you shield for every enemy you kill, giving you the ability to push your shields way into over-shield territory and give you a decent amount more survivability.

Or, you can switch into night form and activate your 3 and 4 at lower levels, or just your 4 at higher for a pretty solid maim build as well. At those lower levels the slash procs are enough to straight up kill which is when having the strength buff from peaceful provocation comes in handy, but once those drop off you don’t need to worry about that any more and can just straight up run your maim.

The only problem really with this build is that it can feel potentially a little bit clunky because we’re using energy conversion, so in the night build you have to get an energy orb before activating 3, and before your 4 as well. But its one that I like a hell of a lot and one that I find incredibly effective.

Next build is a bit of a crazy one, and its as crazy ingame as it looks on paper and that is an insane strength and range maim build for low level blitzing of defences. Due to the way efficiency works, we have primed continuity to even out the drain a little bit, but the basic idea behind this is to activate your 3 to build up the power strength buff from peaceful provocation, then activate your maim and demolish all low level enemies. This build is an absolute pain in the backside to keep up, and is going to require energy pads, zenurik or energize, or all of the above, because its a super energy hungry build. But it will take down 5 waves of a low level defence up to like jupiter in like 3 minutes. I use this build for my low level relic farming. It allows me to be super efficient and get as many relics in as short of a time as possible, pretty nice for when new primes come out.

A more traditional maim build would be one that doesn’t worry about your 3, but focuses on absolute max range for stacking maim instead. Hitpoints from enemies killed in the range of your maim feed your maim, when it builds up enough, just fire it off and wipe almost everything within your range. Its by far her best scaling build and one of the best scaling builds in the game, especially when you are running in a squad, because enemies killed by squad mates also feed into it, and with a huge range, you are rarely ever going to be out of range enough where their kills aren’t going to charge you. Deleting entire rooms of enemies with this build is one of the most satisfying things, especially since we have the enemy radar to be able to not only be able to work out when is best to fire the maim, but also, its rather amazing to watch all those red arrows dissapear from the map.

And then the final build, max range, max duration sleep build. I use this for either levelling melee weapons to take advantage of stealth multipliers or as my focus farmer. The max range is for her night form sleep. Spam sleep in the room, put everything to sleep, and go ham with your finishers. Nice simple easy focus, easy melee levelling too if you don’t fancy doing some ESO. No augment on here though because honestly, I think its overrated. With a tonne of range, it only spreads like 15 metres, which to be fair, if an enemy is within 15 metres, they probably already spotted you anyway, you are so much better off just building more range and making sure the job of putting them to sleeps done properly to start with. Its a super effective build, and one I’ve been using as a focus farmer for a super long time.

So, I hope that helps you with the builds I am running with equinox and what I am using them for and how. She is a hugely complicated frame, with the largest amount of abilities in the game, and as such, she also comes with a large amount of modding options too. She just makes me wish we had more config options. These builds have all done me amazingly well, and I’ve been testing them thoroughly, which is why the video has taken a couple days to come out. Feel free to let me know in the comments below which builds you enjoy with her and if you have any suggestions to improve the builds. Equinox is one my favorite frames because of just how flexible she is and how many things she can do, as well as how satisfying she is to play, so seeing her super beautiful prime ingame has me really happy.

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