Carrier / Carrier Prime

October 23, 2017
October 23, 2017

Carrier / Carrier Prime

The Carrier is one of the most talked about sentinels in the game, spawning more discussions about it than anything else in the game. A very versatile and useful sentinel, its Prime is the tankiest one out there, and when correctly modded, can be a utility powerhouse, giving you so many options to buff your play.

Build Requirements (Carrier):

Credits: 15,000
Alloy Plate: 1000
Circuits: 400
Nano-Spores: 1,500
Control Modules: 3


Health: 200
Shield Capacity: 100
Armour: 50
Power: 100

Build Requirements (Carrier Prime):

Credits: 15,000
Carrier Prime Carapace
Carrier Prime Chassis
Carrier Prime Systems
Orokin Cell: 2


Health: 400
Shield Capacity: 100
Armour: 150
Power: 100



Due to the way sentinal abilities work, with top left having priority cast, then working its way right, abilities are ordered in order of importance, and that I want them to be cast in.

Vacuum: On here to suck up mods, ammo, resources, health and energy. Vacuum to me allows me to concentrate on the fight without dealing with other things around me. I also personally have a problem with ammo drops because of my colourblindness, vacuum helps out a tonne with that.

Ammo Case: Able to replace ammo mutation on a lot of weapons, it allows us to fight harder, especially with weapons that chew through ammo. Increasing max ammo plus doing its own ammo conversion, ammo case is a super useful mod.

Guardian: This mod will give you full shields each time that its cast, and can really help you out in a sticky situation, especially if you are on a frame with a lot of shields.

Medi-Ray: While not the strongest mod, mediray will give you 12% of your health back over 4 seconds. I use this on here to effectively replace health lost by slash and toxin procs that might be applied by enemies.

Sacrifice: Using up one of its regen charges, Carrier will revive you if you go down. A fantastic mod if you have it, and one I will recommend on every sentinal.

Primed Regen: The extra invulnerability time if it needs to regen is worth it alone in my opinion, let alone getting 3 revives instead of the 1 that the standard gives. Definitely worth it, especially when combined with Sacrifice!

Animal Instinct: The nightmare mod that gives both Enemy Radar as well as Loot Radar, an extremely useful bit of quality of life and absolutely worth using.

Then we have the defensive mods, Enhanced Vitality for health, Metal Fiber for armour and Calculated Redirection for shields, all combining to make Carrier Prime as tanky as we can.

Personal Preference Mods:

Striker: As you noticed, I don’t have a mod to cause a weapon to fire on my Carrier, and thats deliberate. For the most part I do not use a weapon at all. It taking a lot of my kills at lower level, or being ineffective at higher level, I don’t bother with sentinal weapons for the most part. However, you could put Striker on and use the firepower of the Sweeper Prime, probably the strongest sentinal weapon, or if you are looking for something purely to proc status for condition overload, you could always use the Artax for a guarenteed cold proc.

Coolant Leak: This used to be a staple mod on my sentinal, until they changed it to alert unalerted enemies, and because I kept forgetting to take it off my stealth builds, I ended up replacing it entirely. This mod is fantastic for slowing enemies close to you, it could be a butcher about to smash the back of your skull in or a charger coming in to bite you, it can help at really close range neutralise some of that threat.

Sanctuary: With this scaling with shield mods, replacing metal fiber with sanctuary is a decent option, giving you a shield whenever you are reviving an ally, this can be extremely useful, especially on squishy frames, at helping absorb enough enemy fire to not die while reviving. I like it quite a bit, although it feel out of use for me when we could stealth revive with operators, that safety kind of nullified the use of sanctuary a bit for me. Still an option though, despite that.


The Carrier Prime for me is one of the most useful sentinals, and is absolutely my most used. Supremely tanky when its fully built and can be loaded with as much utility as you could ever need, its a super useful addition to your arsenal, and one that I would recommend using, definitely upgrade to the Prime over the standard as soon as you can!

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