Braton Prime

October 22, 2017
October 22, 2017

Braton Prime

The Braton Prime is the Orokin modified version of what really is one of the poster weapons of the game, the standard Braton. Loved by many, the Braton Prime really is a crowd favourite and is a decent upgrade over the standard one. Modded correctly, it can be a fairly capable rifle, although absolutely not top tier.


Build Requirements:

Credits: 15,000
Braton Prime Barrel
Braton Prime Reciever
Braton Prime Stock
Orokin Cells: 10


Critical Chance: 10.0%
Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
Status: 20%
Slash: 21.0
Puncture: 12.25
Impact: 1.75

Fire Rate: 9.58
Magazine: 75
Max Ammo: 375
Noise: Alarming
Reload: 2.2s
Trigger: Auto

Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 3/5 (0.96)


Requiring 6 forma due to it not having any polarities on there as standard, its quite an expensive build. Serration for pure damage and split chamber for multishot are always going to be staple mods on any primary weapon build. Primed shred is on there not only to push our fire rate higher and thus our damage output, but its also there for that amazing amount of punch through, which really can help mow down groups of enemies. Primed ammo mutation is on there because its not really the strongest of weapons, and needs to expend a lot of ammo at higher levels to take enemies down, so the mutation really does help keep you in that fight that bit longer. The new mod vigilante armaments also makes an appearance on here. Giving both 60% more multishot, plus a 5% chance for a yellow crit to be an orange crit, its actually a very solid mod, and was immediately put onto the build the moment I got my hands on it. Then we have the elemental combos, whatever you prefer really. I go most often with corrosive and cold because of the high status of the weapon, stripping armour is pretty easy, plus the extra damage of having a primed elemental does help the damage output of the Braton Prime quite a bit.

Personal Preference Mods:

Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation: I am adding this in here because with the use of Carrier or Carrier Prime with ammo case, you can kind of negate the need for the ammo mutation, allowing you to switch it out for another 90% elemental to buff your main combo if you wanted to.

90% Elemental of your choice: Changing one or more of the dual stats out for 90% elemental mods will drop your status chance down, but put your overall damage output up. If you think you can deal with more RNG on your status procs in return for more damage, then thats definitely an option you can go with.

Primed Bane Mod: You can replace Primed Shred with a bane mod if you would like as well. Its going to mean a slower firing weapon, which does help with ammo economy, at the cost of having to switch out the bane every time you fight a different faction since it doesn’t give any benefit to you at all when fighting the wrong one.

Heavy Caliber: I don’t often like putting Heavy Cal on things because I love keeping the accuracy of the weapon and applying damage to headshots, something which the reduced accuracy makes a mess of. However, it is definitely an option to replace Primed Shred with here because the extra damage, and additional ammo economy that you gain from reducing the fire rate really does help a lot.

Riven Choices:

Suggested Positives-

  1. Damage
  2. Multishot
  3. Fire rate
  4. Status Chance
  5. Toxin

Suggested Negatives-

  1. Damage To Infested
  2. Flight Speed
  3. Recoil

The Braton Prime as I said a little earlier is definitely one of those that is loved by many. But don’t go into building it thinking that its going to displace the top assault rifles, because without a really crazy good riven for it, its not going to. Its going to struggle in sorties, and even on the high end bounties that you can pick up on cetus. Even with a specific grineer build, including Primed Bane Of Grineer and removing the ammo mutation, it was still struggling to kill the elite units. I am a big fan of the Braton Prime. Its fun, it looks good and feels good to play with, but in reality, its going to struggle with the top end content in the game without a seriously good riven. However, for your average day to day play, its a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend it for that!

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