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October 28, 2017
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November 15, 2017


The first fully automatic Tenno crossbow, the Attica. One of the older weapons that tends to go unnoticed among other weapons, it packs a solid spread in all of it’s stats, only really lacking in a high status chance and fast reload. It’s projectile speed isn’t fast but workable, you won’t be sniping anything but anything within mid to short range can easily be dealt with without too many misses.

Build Requirements:

Credits: 15,000
Morphics: 2
Ferrite: 800
Rubedo: 200
Forma: 1


Accuracy: 40.0
Critical Chance: 25.0%
Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
Fire Rate: 3.67
Magazine: 20
Max Ammo: 540
Noise: Silent
Reload: 2.8
Status: 10%
Trigger: Auto
Slash: 25.0
Puncture: 93.8
Impact: 6.3
Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 5/5 (1.415)

Build Option 1 – Arrow Rain

Build Option 2 – Big Damage

Both builds take full advantage of the Attica’s great crit stats while the first one focuses a lot more on using the Attica’s amazing ammo economy. A very important point to note is that Attica is considered to be a bow for purposes of modding and sorties so if you take a look at the fire rate stats, you’ll notice that vile acceleration is counted as a 180% increase for it. If you really want the best dps, the firerate option is my preferred choice and not a lot of things beat the feeling of power you get handling a full auto crossbow ripping apart enemies.

The inaccuracy from using Heavy Caliber isn’t too bad as a projectile weapon. You would have trouble hitting targets from far away, however it is difficult to fit it into the fire rate build without messing with it’s elemental combo.

Both builds can handle even armoured units quite quickly around the level 80 range.

Being a low status weapon viral is the preferred elemental combo of choice due to only needing it to proc once for it to get value and cutting a enemies hp in half is quite significant. Heavily armoured enemies will give it some trouble once you get into the higher level ranges.

Personal Preference Mods:

Elemental types and banes of any variety can work for whatever enemy type advantage.

Shred or primed shred can be very good options to get some punch through while getting double value on it’s attack speed.

Wildfire for that extra bit of magazine size so you don’t have to go into its long reload quite as often.

Riven Choices:

Best Positives-

  1. Damage
  2. Critical Damage
  3. Critical Chance
  4. Multishot
  5. Toxin
  6. Reload Speed
  7. Fire rate

Best Negatives-

  1. Zoom
  2. Max Ammo
  3. Status Duration
  4. Damage to Infested

Notes: As a flight speed weapon with a high disposition you wouldn’t want to get negative flight speed as the delay in hitting the target will be quite noticeable. Fire rate on primary rivens don’t reach very high numbers and you’re better off using vile acceleration. 90% is already plenty, anymore and we might get into unwieldy territory. Getting increase recoil is also a bit troublesome and difficult to control.

With a proper riven, the Attica is a power house of a weapon, capable of blowing out weapons like Soma Prime and Latron variants. I would easily consider it being one of the better or even top tier single target primary weapons when taking rivens into consideration. The big issue with it really is only the long reload. It’s pretty uncomfortable if you’re firing you’re entire magazine in under 3 seconds. Being a projectile weapon also comes with it’s disadvantages.

Attica is a simple high powered, single target crossbow that anyone can easily get and use.


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