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April 18, 2019
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April 18, 2019



Mastery Rank : 0
Health : 100 (300 at rank 30)
Shield : 100 (300 at rank 30)
Armor : 450
Energy : 150 (225 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed : 0.9
Polarities : Naramon – Dash/Bar (Utility, Misc.) Vazarin – D (Defensive, Health, Armor) Madurai – V (Damage, Powers)
Exilus Polarity:  None
Aura Polarity : Madurai – V (Damage, Powers)
Introduced : Update 17.5


Atlas is a very simplistic frame, and while a couple of his abilities aren’t particularly good, namely his 2 and 4, he is actually a lot better than people give him credit for. We’re going to be focusing on his first ability landslide, and his third ability petrify.

Landslide is a super simple ability, press button, punch things, however theres so much stuff that affects it. I’m not going to name them all, but we are going to be using certain things to buff the ability to make it super strong. When you look at the ability though, you see a range of only 2m, however that increases for each hit in the combo, 4 metres after 2 hits and 6m after 3, and that can be increased with range mods, which is the entire focus of this build.

But its important to know landslide is buffed by your melee weapons. Basically everything except acolyte mods and mods like covert lethality will work on landslide to buff the damage, and yes, that includes rivens. Most people will run whats called a stat stick build for him, usually a melee with a special feature like the mire, whose toxin damage does apply to landslide, or the Venka Prime whose passive combo counter change carries over.

Personally,I am using the Dual Keres because I have a riven with a load of melee damage on the riven, but any riven with melee damage, impact or an elemental will do. Landslide is all impact damage, so any other physical roll doesn’t do anything, and it only has 5% crit, so crit chance is going to do nothing.

The build for the stat stick is almost always going to be the same though as you can see on screen now. Ignoring the riven, primed pressure point, primed heavy trauma, corrosive damage with the primed fever strike, spoiled strike, body count for the timer and then the last mod I am still testing whether collision force or another elemental does more damage. However, if you don’t have a riven, replacing the riven with either an elemental still works really well.

So without further ado, lets check out the build for atlas, and as you can see, we are running a triple umbral setup. We’re not buffing strength whatsoever because its not needed at all, and instead we are focusing entirely on boosting the range of the punch. The unfortunate thing is that we are killing our duration here which is going to hurt our combo window, but even with energize and rage, its hard to keep punching constantly without the nearly max efficiency. The range buffs the petrify range by a tonne too, which is fantastic crowd control, buffs your damage of your landslide and also gives you additional armour, to buff up your survivability even more. You could switch out energize for avenger if you want, and if you think you can maintain your energy, but that gives your landslide a 35% crit chance, and then buff it even more with even crit cat for reliable crits or rng cat for the red crit buffs, and you hit ridiculously hard when you do crit.

So with Atlas and his weapon built, go into a mission and spam 1 to your hearts content and watch the entire world die. You always see builds buffing power strength, but honestly, his most effective build is this, where you don’t worry about your single target damage, and focus on killing everything around you.

It does still struggle against heavy armour because lol impact damage, but that actually works kind of in its favour. At about 30 minutes in Mot, you aren’t 1 shotting bombards any more, so they take 2 and soon 3 hits to kill, but the advantage of that is that ok, your main target isn’t dying, but everything in a range around you is, because each hit on that bombard, buffs your AOE, up to that 15 metres, with no damage falloff over range.

And then you have the fact you can petrify everything in a 60 degree field of view around you, over 30 metres and for still over 20 seconds, making him very useful for crowd control in a team situation.

Atlas is a frame thats forgotten, and often viewed as being crap. But he does a crazy amount of damage, especially if you combine him with good arcanes or your kavat. I 100% recommend going back and trying him out again if you wrote him off before, I guarentee you’ll find him a lot better than you thought! Plus lets be real, theres something relaxing about forgetting the mechanically difficult frames and just punching things in the face.

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