October 19, 2017
Braton Prime
October 22, 2017


The Astilla is the signature shotgun belonging to the warframe Gara. Firing shards of glass that shatter on impact doing aoe damage, modded correctly, this thing can become a bit of a beast, especially when you start working in the 100% status elemental combos, you can spread some havoc around. Its not as strong as some other shotguns, however with its incredible looks and sound design, the Astilla is going to be a firm fan favourite for a long time to come!


Build Requirements:

Credits: 20,000
Tellurium: 4
Plastids: 875
Oxium: 175
Ferrite: 7,500


Critical Chance: 17.0%
Critical Multiplier: 1.9x
Status: 33%
Slash: 78.0
Puncture: 42.6
Impact: 70.0

Fire Rate: 4.33
Magazine: 16
Max Ammo: 540
Noise: Alarming
Reload: 2.0s
Trigger: Auto

Riven Disposition(Multiplier): 4/5 (1.20)

Build Option 1 – Critical Build

Option one for the Astilla is the crit build. This is what I found to be by far the strongest build for it. It doesn’t work anywhere near as well without that primed ravage due to that crazy increase in crit damage that it provides, so I would only recommend this if you are able to fully max out that primed ravage mod. 100% status also means that its going to proc a status effect on every single shot as well as on the splash damage from the aoe on the weapons rounds impacting on either enemies or the ground. I found in testing that dropping even a single dual stat mod for anything else lowered the time to kill pretty significantly, which is why I have a combination of all 4 on there. The best combos for those dual stats really are either corrosive and blast for the armour stripping as well as the knockdown, but also radiation and viral for the mass confusion as well as halving their health, especially with the slash procs ignoring armour and bleeding them to death. Both of these are really potent combos and what I would recommend running on here.


Build Option 2 – Full Status

If you either don’t like the critical build or don’t have your primed ravage maxed, you could always go with a full status build. Its very similar to the crit build in the way we are going to use our 4 dual stat elemental mods for the status procs, with the same corrosive and blast as well as radiation and viral combos that I spoke about before. However this time we are going to introduce blaze into it, bringing additional heat damage as well as raw damage. This is going to combine with scattering inferno and really boost whatever combo has the heat damage in there. I also added seeking fury to bring our reload speed down a little, as well as giving us a little bit of punch through, really helping further with groups of enemies.

Personal Preference Mods:

Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation: The Astilla does have rather high ammo consumption, so replacing a mod with the ammo mutation could definitely help with maintaining that ammo level, especially on areas such as the plains, where ammo is much harder to come by.

Laser Sight: Increasing the crit chance on headshots with this mod is another option, it does give more of a boost than blunderbuss, however it does really rely on you being able to regularly hit those headshots, so for my build I went with the more reliable crit chance, but its an option nonetheless.

Chilling Reload: Using chilling reload instead of seeking fury is another option you could make, increasing the damage of whatever combo you have cold damage going into, as well as buffing the reload speed is definitely not a bad thing to be doing here, and is very viable.

Riven Choices:

Suggested Positives-

  1. Damage
  2. Critical Damage
  3. Critical Chance
  4. Multishot
  5. Fire rate
  6. Status Chance
  7. +Flight Speed

Suggested Negatives-

  1. Max Ammo
  2. Recoil
  3. Damage To Infested

Notes: I know that flight speed looks weird on a hitscan shotgun, however shotgun shots fall off over distance, dropping the damage done, however, increasing the flight speed increases the range that the shot will go before starting to fall off, so having increased flight speed is really useful!

The Astilla is an absolute powerhouse of a weapon, that only gets better with a riven for it. Its already an incredible weapon, that can really be taken to the next level with a good riven for it. Its already sortie viable, a riven is only going to further cement that viability. Its fantastic!

If you would like to see a more indepth look at the Astilla as well as to see it in action, feel free to check out the video below!








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